If you have a clogged drain slowing you down, it may be time to call in one of our fully licensed and insured Orange County plumbers to take care of the problem. Clogged drains can start as water draining slowly and can turn into drains that are completely backed up.

Water is an expensive and valuable commodity. It can literally cost consumers thousands of dollars in damages if a leak goes undetected. As leaders of the industry, Rooter Alert Plumbing not only employs highly skilled technicians, but also have a proven reputation for using the latest water leakage detection technology such as the newly acquired high performance Water Leak Correlator.

Make Routine Checks

Just making a routine check around your property can definitely alert you to leaks that you didn’t know existed. Here are some hints that might give you an idea that you have a leak:


  • Pay attention to your water bill. Monitor fluctuations.
  • Look for areas that are constantly wet or soggy. Slow underground leaks are hardly noticeable.
  • Listen for water running when no one is using it. (It’s more effective to do this at night)
  • If the burner on your water heater kicks on frequently when unused, there could be a hot water leak.
  • Check for warm spots on the floor.

The Right Amount of Energy

We specialize in different areas such as Residential, Government, and Commercial Services.Rooter Alert Plumbing has well trained technicians who are experts in the industry.Cost-Effective solutions.Rooter Alert Plumbing uses quality and state of the art equipment to find the harder to find leaks.Rooter Alert Plumbing uses non-invasive methods.No Job too big or small.

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