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Do you want a new sewer line without having to dig up your whole yard? Call Rooter Alert today to schedule your pipe bursting appointment! It’s fast, affordable and doesn’t involve a full property dig up!

Pipe Bursting is the ideal technique to use for the rehabilitation and replacement of utility lines such as gas, water, sewer, telephone, and power. Pipe Bursting efficiently bursts clay, concrete, cast iron, and PVC pipe. Pipe Bursting is the ideal technique to use for the rehabilitation of ageing utility systems located in congested areas such as municipalities, city centers, and manufacturing or industrial plants for several reasons.

What is the benefit of Trenchless Sewer Replacement?

With trenchless sewer replacement, we use specialized equipment to perform “pipe bursting.” Instead of digging a massive trench, our experts will dig two small pits at each end of the sewer line. A cone-shaped instrument called the pipe bursting head is pulled through your old sewer line by a specialized machine. The pipe bursting head breaks through the old pipe.

Pipe bursting involves using a winch to pull a heavy duty polyethylene pipe through an old pipeline of equal or smaller size. The old pipeline is shattered using a high-powered tool with special bursting heads that smash through the old pipe while pulling through the new replacement pipe. When pulled into the old pipe, the bursting head breaks the pipe into pieces, enlarges the hole and pushes the fragments into the surrounding soil. This limits pipe bursting to pipes that can be fractured and to soil conditions that will absorb the old fragments.




Almost no landscaping destruction!

Rooter Alert Plumbing has well trained technicians who are experts in the industry.

Cost Effective

Rooter Alert Plumbing uses quality and state of the art equipment to do the job right! Cuts the job time down significantly!

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