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Project Description


Pipe Piercing saves the mess and clean up work while allowing us to bypass above ground obstacles, such as roads, driveways and parking lots, streams and wet areas, lawns and landscaping, and buildings and other obstacles.


  • installation of sewer, gas, electric, water and telecommunications
  • boring under roads, landscaping and water crossings
  • ensuring minimal environmental disruption
  • installations in diverse soil conditions
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What is the benefit of Trenchless Pipe Piercing?

The piercing process is relatively simple and involves a piercing tool sized to match the desired hole diameter and an air compressor. An entry and exit pit is excavated to 10 times the diameter of the piercing tool. For example, a 3″ (76 mm) tool would require two 30″ (762 mm) deep pits. Once the pits are dug, the crew strings air hoses from the compressor to power the piercing tools. The piercing tool is connected to the air supply and positioned in the entry pits so that it is level to the ground and aligned directionally with the exit pit.

The piercing tool is then shot from the entry to the exit pit. The tool is driven forward by compressed air and bores on a path parallel to the ground. Once the bore is complete, piping conduit, up to the diameter of the piercing tool, can be placed in the hole. Average production is one foot per minute depending on ground conditions. Piercing bores range in size from 1.75″ to 8″ (44 to 203 mm) in diameter and up to 50′ (15 m) in length. Longer bores can be completed using the stitch bore process.


  • Almost no landscaping destruction!

  • Rooter Alert Plumbing has well trained technicians who are experts in the industry.

  • Cost Effective

  • Rooter Alert Plumbing uses quality and state of the art equipment to do the job right!

  • Cuts the job time down significantly!


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When your plumbing system works efficiently, your day runs smoothly and seamlessly. Below is a list of all our plumbing services! If it’s not there, call us and we’ll figure out if it’s something we can fix. If it’s plumbing related, we can handle it—that’s our promise to you!

Drain Cleaning and Inspection

A clogged, dirty drain can cause major problems, from water backing up to long-lasting pipe damage. If you’re facing problems with a clogged drain, including standing water, water that isn’t draining properly, or negative smells, our team can help you fix your plumbing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not sure about the status of your pipes? Not a problem. We can inspect your pipes and clean them out in next to no time.


Sewer Line Relining

Sewer lines are an extremely important part of the plumbing system in your home or business, and when problems arise, repairs can be costly. Sewer line relining can be an easy way to stabilize problematic pipes, using a strong and durable liner to keep liquid flowing. If you require a new or updated liner in your sewer pipes, Rooter Alert can help you get there.


Leak Detection

Leaks can be a huge problem, causing water damage and interrupting the flow to your faucets and appliances. If you’re afraid you have a leak or have seen signs of leaking pipes, a plumber should be your first call.

At Rooter Alert, we’re able to detect and repair leaking pipes quickly and accurately, stopping your leaks in their tracks.


Water Heater Repair

If you’re tired of cold showers, we’re here to help. Our water heater repair can help you keep your water is at a comfortable temperature throughout your home or business. We’ve worked with water heaters of all makes and models, ensuring a successful repair job, no matter what.


Trenchless Technologies

Repairing sewer lines can be a big project. Traditionally, this entails ripping up your yard and digging trenches in your lawn. However, trenchless technology eliminates this inconvenient step, utilizing techniques like sewer liners to repair leaks, cracks, and clogs in sewer pipes without digging damaging trenches in your property. This provides faster and more affordable treatments, saving you money and time on plumbing treatments.

Sewer Relining
Pipe Bursting
Pipe Coating
Pipe Piercing

Sewer Camera and Pipe Inspections

Inspecting sewer systems can be exceptionally challenging, particularly when pipes are buried in the walls or in the ground. However, our sewer cameras make pipe inspection easy, snaking through pipes to identify cracks, breaks, clogs, and more. Whether you know you have a problem or simply want to identify issues before they accelerate.



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