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We had a slow draining kitchen sink that turned into a backup. We had purchased the “$199.00 Coupon” for this job. The crew did an inspection and identified the problem line as well as the main line. Then proceeded to clean the kitchen drain line of its blockage. They did the same for the main line by clearing it of roots. They then finished Hydro cleaned both lines. They did an outstanding plumbing job, cleaned the area around clean outs and driveway. Communicated with us throughout their work and showed us the blocked area with the camera. Highly recommend them. Great crew and great job. Thanks!

Description of work:

The crew used a camera to inspect the lines to find the blockage and then inspected the main line as well. Then cleaned and hydro washed the blocked line and the main line. Cleared the main line of roots and cleaned out the kitchen drain line.

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