Christopher B. in Laguna Hills, CA

We had a blocked sewage drain. I had a plumber come out to try and snake the pipe but he was unable to get past about 60 feet down the pipe. Rooter Alert came out and ran a camera down and found the blockage (tree roots) about 80 feet down the pipe. (Our property is the last house on a long drive way). It took several attempts to get the hose down the correct direction but they were able t use the hydro jet to clear the blockage. They reran the camera and took a photo of the area. Turns out the last few feet of pipe to the sewer is made of clay (not ABS) and the roots had broken through the pipe. Relining the pipe would be pretty costly (approx. $7k) due to the length, the technician recommended annual jetting of the line. There were two technicians that came out. they were very professional, they vacuumed up most of the waste water that didn’t drain away and cleaned away almost all evidence of the blockage.

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