Cindy M. in Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been using Rooter Alert for several years now and am happy to say I will continue to count on them for all of my plumbing needs.  George & Dino showed up on time, I was the one who was late (!) fortunately there was someone else at home to bring them inside.  The first job was to replace an in-line water filter (under the fridge), problem was moving this large built-in fridge.  The second was a leaky faucet in the master bathroom.  As the fixture is over 10 years old, he suggested I might want to replace it as it would cost the same to stop the leak as it is to replace the whole thing.  Not a bad idea as I’d recently had to replace the guest bathroom’s sink fixture as it too had gotten old and was leaking from all over.  Just as well fix the overall problem rather than band-aide it for the same labor cost.  Many thanks, George!

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