David G. in Sherman Oaks, CA

Because we had a backup, sewage was spilling into our yard. The company responded very quickly by scheduling an appointment for the next day (I had purchased an Angie’s List coupon that evening). After analyzing the situation, the first responders needed a larger truck and hose for hydro jetting, and an appointment was scheduled for the second truck the next morning. Even the second team couldn’t quite clear the line because of a broken clay sewer pipe and called for reinforcements.  Another team came out, and four servicemen spent four hours trying to clear the drain. Ultimately, they got most of it open and told me to call the city to see if they could service the city sewer. I did this, and the city waste management team came promptly and sent a 8-inch blade the length of the sewer to open it.

The Rooter Alert foreman recommended that I install a new sewer stub connecting to the city main line for a not insubstantial price. However, my sewer line remains open since they left with no backups. Well done! What is most remarkable about this company is that they honored the $199 Angie’s List certificate without asking for a dollar more — and offered to return after the city did its thing to hydro jet my sewer again for no extra charge! This is a company I would recommend and use again.

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