Keith B. in Sherman Oaks, CA

/Keith B. in Sherman Oaks, CA

Keith B. in Sherman Oaks, CA

I had a main sewer line blockage that I needed cleared. My regular plumber was unavailable, so I called Rooter Alert on a Sunday and talked to Tom who said he was the owner. I asked for a snake, but he suggested the Angie’s list special –  Hydro Jetting with camera inspection. I thought it was a good idea to inspect the line and not just clear it, so I quickly agreed. Greg showed up first with a hello and a handshake. He started with the camera inspection to see where the blockage was.  Mario showed up and helped clear the blockage with a special hose and sprayer. After that, Greg ran the camera through again and then  put in a new orange hose with a smaller diameter into the clean-out and down the waste line. Greg showed me roots and cracked portions of the clay sewer pipe on his video monitor. They were both thorough and seemed to care about getting me answers about what was going on with the sewer line.
They answered my questions and weren’t worried about “the clock” even though I had pre-paid for a service. In the end, they suggested I replace a small section of clay pipe and put in a second clean-out to get to the clay pipe with less turns for the camera and Hydro Jetter – this way they could clean and inspect the line further, possibly all the way to the street. Greg called the office and got me an estimate for work that could be done  another day. Then, they left — no hidden fees… no nonsense. I went back to my plumber for a second opinion and am having him do the work because I’ve known him for years and he’s done many jobs at my house. My plumber agreed that the work suggested should be performed and (without me revealing the price quote to him) his price is right in line with the estimate from Rooter Alert. I would recommend them. I would use them again.

Description of work:

Hydro Jetting of main sewer line with camera inspection and dvd video. Cleared blockage. Recommended repairs.

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