Linda B. in Monterey Park, CA

First, let me say that I called this company because of the reviews I read on Angie’s List. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The workers here went beyond the call of duty to make sure I was happy with their work. I called for the hydro jet unclogging $199.00 deal, and was immediately told that if my house didn’t have a valve for hydro jetting, I wouldn’t be able to use the deal, but was then told that they had another deal to unclog w/o hydro jetting. I felt good about this company right away. Dana and his associate showed up on time and went right to work and within minutes told me I didn’t have the valve for the Hydro jet procedure but I could use the $69.00 deal. They went inside and worked on the bathroom sink I had problems with and had that working in a matter of moments. The toilets were tricky and Dana and his partner pulled both front and back toilets off the floor to find the clog. The equipment snake I think it was, wasn’t long enough for the clog, so he called another plumber who was in the area to use his equipment.

The three of them were able to get to the clog, and get my toilets working again, but only after hours of work. I was not charged extra for the time. They honored the Angie’s List deal, and only charged me to take the second toilet off the floor, but nothing else. I was amazed and the main worker, Dana, told me, “I can’t leave here with you not having a toilet to use.”  That was that. Also, I didn’t have cash to pay for the extra work and his credit card machine wasn’t working, so I was told I could call the office and take care of it the next day as the office was closed for the night. I was shocked at the trust that I was given to pay. This company has excellent employees that are willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are in working order.  I appreciated not only the work ethic and respect, but also them not taking advantage of my lack of plumbing knowledge. They were honest in all regards. I will not  hesitate to call them again

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