Mark M. in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

While the cost of service was large the effort was large (including excavating more than 10′ deep to access the county sewer line). Roughly four teams of people worked on the job through the various phases, and all employees were hard working, polite, and professional.  I was pleased to see attention to safety, including the use of shoring equipment to prevent collapse of excavation walls, and checking for gas and electric utilities before digging. It is difficult for me to assess cost A vs. B because I have no prior experience with similar work and it was not practical to obtain multiple quotes:  much of the work had to be performed before the cause of the problems was identified.  However, cost was clearly not C-F because many skilled man-days and bobcat-tractor-days were required, in addition to the in-pipe cameras and hydraulic drain rooter truck.

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