Portia D. in Riverside, CA

/Portia D. in Riverside, CA

Portia D. in Riverside, CA

I wish I could recall the guy’s name because he was AWESOME. He was prompt, neat, courteous and above all knowledgeable. He tried multiple times to snake the drain before it actually worked. He tested his work several times to make sure the sink drained properly. He answered all my questions and provided additional insight as to how to minimize grease build up. From my perspective he went the extra mile. I bought the $99 service because from all indications it should have been a simple solution, snake the drain, but the build up of grease made it more complicated yet he honored the $99 and didn’t try to charge more. I would highly recommend this plumber.

Last year I used a different plumbing company on Angie’s List and the difference in service was night and day. Rooter Alert Wholesale Plumbing and Sewer Contractor is by far the best.

Description of work:

This service provider unclogged my kitchen sink.  Whenever I used my garbage disposal or dishwasher the debris and water would come back through the sink. It took too long for the water to drain.

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