Ryan H. in Los Angeles, CA

/Ryan H. in Los Angeles, CA

Ryan H. in Los Angeles, CA

these dudes cleaned my pipes.

and by cleaned my pipes, i mean cleaned my pipes.

we are a hillside property and have a drain that every two years or so slows down.  we have had it blasted many times, over many years as it leads to the main sewer line.  what i have heard from all the neighbors, is that they have similar problems and that all their plumbing people have indicated that root clearing is a maintenance issue you actually need to address every year or two.  afterall– roots grow back!  (but i know there is some new “liner” you can inject in the pipes, to re-line the pipes and seal cracks / root passages).

anyway i got a deal on angie’s list from rooter alert for hydro jetting to remove clogs and roots.  it was $211.  prior to that, i had a quote of literally $1,250 from another plumber i had used — and trusted.  and i still do trust that other plumber BUT… i was having heart palpitations at the thought of spending $1,250 to hydro jet.  i know one neighbor had paid $500 with his plumber plumber for jetting, another paid $1,750 with a different plumber.  these quotes including my initial $1,250 quote from a third plumber were just so wildly all over the place i decided i had to do more a little more research and digging.

so- that’s how i found this deal.  rooter alert had quite quite good reviews and so i gave them a try.  they had to come out 2x because the first time, the equipment was too big of the pipe we were clearing.  they btw have a big rigged out truck that has all the equipment and it is serious stuff!  not like a little roto rooter man coming with a snake.

anyway the second time they came with a crew and some smaller equipment.  they had scopes, you could see as they stuck it on down the line all the roots and junk in there.  and then they bored and bored and bored away at it.  they did pull out a few handfuls of gobs of roots.  certainly enough of a tangle that they would impede water and whatever else is going down the line.

this was about 6 weeks ago and so far, the line has been FINE!  i do believe in a year or two i’ll have to get the line cleared again as roots return, but i thought they crews they sent were nice, professional, and serious about getting in and out.

so far, so good… and would definitely recommend.

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