William D. in Woodland Hills, CA

/William D. in Woodland Hills, CA

William D. in Woodland Hills, CA

A large truck and a crew of 2 men specializing in hydro-jetting sewer lines showed up to clear my sewer line, which had become completely blocked with tree roots. In approximately 60 minutes they cleared the line and confirmed that it was clear by letting me watch the whole operation on a display screen and then giving me a DVD with a video of the entire operation. This is a perfect example of using the right set of tools to do an excellent job at an excellent price. I was very happy with the work done and will not hesitate to call them back if they are needed before the end of the warranty period (during the warranty period, they will redo their work for free, but the sewer looked so clean, I do not expect that will be necessary).

Description of work:

Cleared the sewer line that connected my house to the main sewer line in the street.

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