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$71.99 Motorized Drain Cleaning & Free Sewer Video Camera Inspection

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$125 Sewer Video Inspection

(Regular price: $ 250) 


$219 Hydro Jetting Main Sewer Plus Free Camera

(Regular price: $ 375) 

  • Remove Sewer Roots & Grease from Kitchen Lines. 1 year guarantee





(Regular price: $250


$199 Water Heater Flush and Plumbing Inspection

(Regular price: $ 250) 

10 Point Checklist for Water Heater Operation, Leaks, and Performance


What Else We Can Do For You…

Struggling with clogged pipes or sewer backups?

Have water leaks in your home or commercial building?

Tired of water backing up in your sink or shower? With Rooter Alert, plumbing help is just a phone call away!

At Rooter Alert, we provide plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning services for all of Orange County, Riverside, and San Gabriel Valley. We use trench-less technologies to meet your plumbing needs—24 hours a day, seven days a week! Rooter Alert is the leader in the industry for Drain Cleaning and Trench-less Technology. We have ALL the Latest Tools in our Toolbox . We apply the most cost effective solution for each unique application. 

Sewer pipe lines are an extremely important part of the plumbing system in your home or business, and when problems arise, repairs can be costly. Roots, offsets, broken pipe, and grease are common issues in pipe lines. If you experience any of these issues sewer pipe relining can help. Sewer Pipe Relining is a trenchless no dig technology that can fix your sewer pipe for good without having to dig up your driveway, landscape, or street.

A clogged, dirty drain can cause major problems, from water backing up to long-lasting pipe damage. If you’re facing problems with a clogged drain, including standing water, water that isn’t draining properly, or negative smells, our team can help you fix your plumbing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Leaks can be a huge problem, causing water damage and interrupting the flow to your faucets and appliances. If you’re afraid you have a leak or have seen signs of leaking pipes, a plumber should be your first call. Rooter Alert uses state of the art equipment to find any water leak. Give us a call.

A sewer camera pipe inspection is a must if you often experience an issue with your sewer or drain pipe lines. These issues can include sewer backups, slow draining sinks, slow draining bathtubs, and more. It could be tied into your main sewer line. Using our specialized sewer camera for pipes we can visually inspect your sewer or drain pipe line and give you a accurate report, diagnosis and estimate to fix any issues before bigger issues arise.

Repairing sewer lines can be a big project. Traditionally, this entails ripping up your yard and digging trenches in your lawn. However, trenchless technology eliminates this inconvenient step, utilizing techniques like sewer liners to repair leaks, cracks, and clogs in sewer pipes without digging damaging trenches in your property. This provides faster and more affordable treatments, saving you money and time on plumbing treatments.

The pipe is cleaned with a high speed cabling machine with a chain knocker attachment and centering brushes. Once the build up and debris are removed, the remaining debris are flushed with water and dried. The pipe coating machine pumps a 2 part resin down reusable tubing to a static mixer brush that spins and mixes the resin. Spreading it on the interior sewer pipe walls. A sewer pipe camera is used to watch as the resin is mixed and applied to pipe walls.

Pipe Descaling is a new process utilizing a special machine with specific attachments attached to a rotating cable. This method is a safer on cast iron pipes that are in poor shape & cannot be cleaned out using a Hydro Jetter. With our descaling machine we can scrape the corrosion off the inner walls of the cast iron pipe, so it can be flushed down the sewer. Pipe Descaling is usually performed before sewer pipe relining installation upstream.

Pipe Piercing saves the mess and clean up work while allowing us to bypass above ground obstacles, such as roads, driveways and parking lots, streams and wet areas, lawns and landscaping, and buildings and other obstacles.



Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t bother looking for another plumber.  These are the best.  Responsive, honest, timely, professional.  Hard to find a company like this.  Highly recommended!
Daniel M – Los Angeles

Quick scheduling for voucher bought on Angie’s List to inspect and jet sewer connection from house to main in street; rescheduled when they had an earlier opening. Guys arrived on time, were professional, clean, efficient, and thorough; they explained what they found and what options I have to deal with it. A+ experience.

Corbin S. in Venice, CA

This company quickly sent out an experienced and knowledgable technician to assess my new home’s main sewer line. He gave me peace of mind that we didn’t have any issues and further explained everything he saw through the camera. He was able to answer all of our questions and the company’s receipt/invoice included notes from his visit, which I will hold onto for future reference.

Edward G – Temecula

I had a really positive experience with this company. A cracked pipe that required a smoke test (which many other companies do not perform) was necessary to find out the source of the sewer gas leak coming from my kitchen sink. 
I called on Friday and was scheduled for the soonest time available, which was on Sunday. 
The plumber arrived and got to work immediately. He was able to locate the crack in the pipe and I was given an estimate as well as a day/time that it could be fixed. 
The same plumber was dispatched to fix the pipe Tuesday morning. So far, I have no sewer gas smell and as of right now the problem is fixed. I appreciate a company that recognizes a problem and is quick to schedule and fix the problem.

Kylie L. – Los Angeles

John and Mario came out today from Rooter Alert Plumbing, Sewer and Drain. They ran a camera to inspect  the pipes and look for roots or obstructions. They found the obstruction area and defined the exact location to me so I know where the problem area is. I have had other plumbers but none that had the best technology in their equipment and impressive trucks for hydro jetting which is a better option than just standard snake cleaning. They showed me foot by foot throughout the complete sewer line what I was seeing. The best part is there honestly. This is the first company that didn’t try to upsell on every possible repair under the moon. They told me I didn’t have to have the work done immediately where most are high pressure salesman making outrageous bids. If you want a honest diagnosis these are the guys I trust and have very reasonable prices. I am Very happy to of found them!!!
Jack D – Tucson,AZ

I had the incredible good fortune to find Rooter Alert on Angie’s List.   
From the moment I spoke with Georgina to schedule, I was impressed with their professionalism and diligence to get things done.  The first visit was for a concern of what appeared to be mold forming along a side board in a bathroom.  I assumed it was a leak, it was not. They did not charge me, stated  it was not a plumbing issue, but I needed a mold specialist.  
Shortly thereafter, we had some clogged drains and I called for service.  They were to arrive on Friday of last week, at  a designated time.  They called and advised me that their crew was “stuck on a monster job,” and would be late.  I was unable to have them come later, and instead, they arrived Sunday morning and did a masterful job.  Things happen, I would want them to take more time if my call required it.  NO problem!
I have dealt with a lot of plumbing issues in the past few years, and despite having brand new piping throughout my home, things happen.  Now that I have Rooter Alert, I do not worry about a thing.   They are magnificent and their pricing is more than fair for the fine work they do.
Thank you Rooter Alert!

Helene R. – Los Angeles



When we arrive at your home, we always greet you with a smile, take the time to listen to all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have, and work diligently to ensure we get the job done right the first time. 


We offer free estimates on all of our services, as well as emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because we are a family-owned and operated company, we value taking care of our customers like we take care of our own family!


With over 42 years of hands-on experience as a plumbing contractor, owner Thomas Hlavac has trained his team to find the smartest and most effective way to handle all of your plumbing needs! If you have it, we’ve seen it!


At Rooter Alert, we know how important your budget is to you. That’s why we work hard to keep our services affordable, providing a cost-effective way for you to get the help you need. By providing a quote before we start work, there are never any surprises for our customers.

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