Pipe Piercing Mole

Trenchless Pipe Piercing is the best method to run new sewer, water, gas, and other pipes. No need to dig up your existing landscape, driveway, and street. Also to re-route existing sewer, gas, and water pipe lines that are beyond repair.

What is Pipe Piercing?

Pipe piercing uses air to bore a hole underground to run a new gas, sewer, water, and other similar pipe lines. 2 access pits are needed to bore from point A to point B.

Inside the pipe piercing head there is a cylinder with a piston, a valve opens and air blows into the chamber forcing the piston forward. This propels the pipe piercing head forward boring a new hole.

Pipe Piercing new sewer water gas line

Pipe Piercing Process (In steps)

The first stepĀ is to verify if pipe piercing can be performed. Our technician will conduct a job site evaluation and notify the customer of their options.

The 2nd step is to excavate two access pits to prepare for pipe piercing installation.

After the 2 pits are exposed pipe piercing installation can begin. Once completed the new pipe is connected to existing pipes and the pits are backfilled and compacted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Piercing?

Below you can find answers to the most common questions that we are asked about pipe piercing.

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