Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Sewer and drain issues? Sewer backups? Fix the problem for good without the hassle of digging up your whole sewer line. No dig technology saves the hassle of digging up your landscape, driveway, floors, walls, and street.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Trenchless Pipe Bursting requires two small access pits to allow the pipe bursting equipment to pull the new pipe through. This method can save you thousands of dollars over the traditional excavation methods.

A large cone shaped pipe bursting head is hydraulically pulled by a steel cable into the old sewer line, breaking apart the old sewer pipe, while pulling the new HDPE seamless pipe through.

Pipe bursting new sewer line for home

Pipe Bursting Process (In steps)

The first step before pipe bursting installation is to perform a sewer video camera inspection of your sewer or drain pipes.

During our sewer camera inspection we will determine the amount of footage, diameter of sewer pipe, defects in pipe such as cracks, tree roots, offsets, bellies, etc. Our technician will also determine at this time if your sewer line can be pipe bursted based off their findings.

The 2nd step is to dig two small access pits in your yard, . One access pit will be the entry pit and the other access pit the exit pit. The entry pit is where the new pipe will be pulled through. A long cable will be ran to entry pit from the exit pit.

After the first 2 steps are completed, the long steel cable is then connected to the pipe bursting head at the entry pit along with the new pipe. The new pipe will then be pulled through the existing old pipe until it reaches the exit pit.

When the trenchless pipe bursting process is complete and the bursting head has made it to the 2nd exposed pit, the equipment is then removed. The two open pits are connected to the rest of existing sewer line and compacted and back filled. The result is a new sewer line installed with out the need to expose the whole sewer line.

What type of buildings and pipes can utilize Pipe Bursting?

Building Types:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Historical
  • Condominiums

Pipe Types:

  • Lateral Sewer Lines
  • Drain Lines
  • Branch Lines

Pipeline Material:

  • Vitrified Clay
  • Cast Iron & Ductile Iron
  • Class 200 PVC
  • Asbestos Cement
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe up to Class V
  • Butt Weld Steel up to ¼ inch walls
  • Riveted Steel
  • Orangeburg

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Bursting

Below you can find answers to the most common questions that we are asked about Pipe Bursting.

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Sewer Video Camera Pipe Inspection of sewer line

Find out if your sewer pipe can be pipe bursted

The best way to determine if your sewer pipe can be pipe bursted is to contact Rooter Alert Plumbing. We will perform a sewer video camera inspection of your sewer line to access the situation and offer a cost effective trenchless repair method to fix your sewer issue permanently.