Signs of a Water Leak

Noticing the signs of a water leak before disaster strikes can save homeowners and business's thousands of dollars worth of damage by catching the problem before it is too late.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Water stains & Wet Spots
  • Pooling water around home foundation.
  • Mold & Mildew growth
  • If you hear the sound of rushing water in your walls or floor.
  • Significant increase in your water bill.
  • Water meter is ticking despite any water being used in your home.

If you notice any of these signs give us a call. We can locate and repair the problem before its too late. We have the latest tools to find the water leak.

Cause of Water Leaks?

The most common cause of water leaks is corrosion, cheap materials, seismic activity, and improper installation. Most damage from water leaks usually come from a water supply line to a fixture. A couple reasons are usually they are worn out or the pressure is too high.

A faulty pressure regulator can cause your pressure to go up and lead to water leaks. A typical water pressure regulator will keep your home’s water at around 60 PSI. Without the water pressure regulator, your home’s water pressure may be as high as 90 or 100 PSI, or higher.

Our technicians can help diagnose what is causing the water leaks and provide a cost effective method to stop the water leaks.

Example Photos of Water Leak Damage

Water Leak? Turn off your water and give us a call!

If you have a water leak it is important to know where your water shut off valve is and to turn off the water to prevent any further damage from accruing. Once the water is off give us a call so we can locate the water leak and repair the leak. All water must be cleaned up and dried out to prevent mold. Mold is dangerous and can grow in a short period of time.

Pinpoint Water Leak Detection

Water Leak? Give us a call to perform a Leak Detection.

Rooter Alert Plumbing has the expertise and tools to locate the water leak. Our technicians will identify the water leak and provide you with the most cost effective repair method. Don't wait until disaster strikes.

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