Cast Iron Pipe Descaling

Sewer and drain issues? Sewer backups? Live in a home built in the 1970's and prior. It could be a problem with your again cast iron sewer pipes. We can help!

Brief History of Cast Iron Pipe

Cast Iron sewer pipe is very common in homes that were built prior to mid 1970's. Cast Iron pipe is still used in commercial buildings, but are manufactured with ductile iron which is more corrosion resistant and stronger.

Older cast iron pipe is prone to corrosion, calcification, and rust. Over time this can cause your sewer line to drain slower and eventually the sewer backs up.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe with build up
Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Descaling Before & After Cleaning

What is Cast Iron Pipe Descaling?

Using a specialized machine with a high speed rotating cable and attachments we are able to scrape away build up in cast iron pipe inner walls. Many times we are able to pro long the life of the cast iron pipe.

Pipe Descaling is also used prior to pipe relining to ensure the pipe walls are cleaned out and debris removed before relining installation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cast Iron Pipe Descaling

Below you can find answers to the most common questions we are asked about Pipe Descaling.

Sewer Video Camera Pipe Inspection of sewer line

Find out if your cast iron sewer pipe can be descaled

The best way to determine if your sewer pipe can be descaled is to contact Rooter Alert Plumbing. We will perform a sewer video camera inspection of your sewer line to access the situation and offer the most cost effective method to address any problems with your sewer and drain pipes.